The Project Makeover Office Limited

Other Services

A range of the other types of support we can offer your business includes...

We work alongside your team within the business in an interim management role, providing a hands-on solution to leadership of your change initiative or to effectively implement new processes and procedures, with the aim of ensuring your staff are left with the skills to continue after we're gone.

Development of a framework and the associated process for disciplined management of cross-project job scheduling and resource planning - for smaller organisations that don’t need a formalised programme approach.

Facilitation of functional workshops, website usability testing, brainstorming, creative concepts and others.

Provision of resources to deliver business analysis & technical documentation.

Preparation of business case and project initiative briefing documents for external project teams or suppliers.

Strategic planning - assistance with development of high level annual operating plans including formalised financial budgets to support identified strategic goals, providing aligned revenue & profit targets and a platform for ongoing measurement of individual objectives & incentive measures in order to achieve the business goals.

Support for your business intelligence project - from identification of your business performance measures through to database design and BI tool selection, we can work with your team and your chosen vendors to make sure the project delivers on it’s promise.

Review of your organisational design, including team workshops, to ensure current role definitions have been covered as well as any proposed positions appropriately defined to meet your operational objectives.  Specific deliverables include an Organisational Chart as well as formal Role Descriptions for all identified roles.


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