The Project Makeover Office Limited

Project Management

Studies indicate that only 12% of companies execute their strategies successfully.1  This is an alarming fact given the potential impact of unsuccessful strategy implementation could include:

  • Wasted resources
  • Unmotivated and disengaged staff
  • Reduced business credibility through unfulfilled commitments
  • Negative impact on reputation
  • Reduced profitability
  • Lack of commitment to future strategies and improvements
  • Inability to remain competitive

No matter how good your business strategy is, only its successful implementation really matters, and for this very reason, strategy execution is the number one concern of CEOs worldwide.2


The PMO provides end-to-end project management services utilising industry best practice methodologies, including PMI/PMP, Prince, Scrum and Six Sigma, to support the successful implementation of your strategic initiatives.

Delivering large-scale business projects in today’s environment demands the skills and experience of a professional Project Manager. It is even more important for your corporate reputation and brand perception in the very visible arena of online retail.

Make sure you are building what is actually neded by your customers and staff and that you're left with something that can be maintained. We are specialists in managing large teams, including people from within your business as well as external technical experts to sort out the back-end integration, database creation and web design & development details.

Good Quality, In Budget and Delivered On Time → you can have all three.


Project Services include:

  • Business case preparation
  • Project scope definition
  • Detailed task & budget planning
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Resource and supplier management
  • Risk analysis & management
  • Project delivery & reporting
  • Business requirements documentation
  • Functional specifications & navigational wireframes
  • Back office integration specifications
  • Post implementation review


1. Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and Cognos joint study, 2006
2. The Conference Board, 2007 CEO Challenge